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Car theft has been around since the automobile was invented; there is always someone willing to buy a car, and an unprotected one is an easy target. Indeed, it is said that three cars are stolen every minute in the USA. In an effort to stop this, a lot of people have now invested in car alarm systems. Indeed, every new car is likely to have an alarm, and possibly a tracker, fitted.. Part of the advantage of an alarm is that it acts as a deterrent. A thief is always looking for the easiest target, and a car without an alarm is always more attractive than one that is suitably protected. This is why cars display a message that they have an alarm.

If you buy a new car you will find it already has an alarm fitted. This will be a reasonably secure version with certain features that are applicable to the model. It may include an immobiliser – this will prevent the car from being driven – or even a tracking device that means a security firm can find the car. Such systems are generally very good, but it does not stop more expensive cars from being the ones most likely to be stolen. A recent survey showed that a BMW 5-series, which comes equipped with a sophisticated alarm system, is the most commonly targeted vehicle.

A simple alarm system- the cheapest version – will be a device that uses sensors in the car to detect entry. The most basic of all are linked to the doors; any indication of them being opened would trigger the alarm. Being so simple however, makes it easy to disable even by the most basic of thieves.

Modern car alarm systems are much more advanced. Some use pressure detectors and small sensors that detect event the tiniest of motion, and others use special switches that are placed throughout the vehicle. The best systems also allow you to customise the sound so that you can recognise your alarm. Alarms, like locking systems, can be operated from the key unit; this allows for ease of activation and simple on and off routines. Make sure that the system you fit – if you are choosing a new one – uses its own battery as well as the cars; this means a thief cannot use the old trick of disconnecting the power supply.

One of the most advanced of all modern style car alarms is that which sends a signal to a mobile phone, and these are becoming ever-more sophisticated. These can be so advanced that they can remotely stop a car thanks to a signal sent from the phone to the cars computer system. You may find that your insure offers a better rate for a car with a sophisticated system such as this, and for owners of expensive or particularly treasured vehicles, these are very highly recommended. Talk to an expert to see which is the best type of car alarm for your needs and budget.

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