What are Small House Safes Good For?

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If you’ve got jewelry, watches, rare coins or precious collector’s items that you don’t need to access in emergency situations, your best bet will always be to put them in a safety deposit box at your local financial institution. However, there are some important documents that you should always have close by, and they are far too important to leave in a locked drawer or even in a wall safe, which can easily get ripped out of a wall by a determined burglar. These documents include things like citizenship papers, tax records, and passports.

Important paper documents, computer storage devices, and prescription narcotic medication should always be kept locked in a small house safe; not only will these items be protected from burglars, they’ll be protected from natural disasters such as fires and floods.

Small house safes, even the smallest ones, are heavy, meaning that even if they aren’t bolted to the floor, they will be incredibly difficult for a thief to pick up and carry; the weight alone will act as a deterrent. Furthermore, even the simplest home safes take quite a bit of time to open, and burglars do not have time on their side. Higher quality safes can withstand over 15 minutes of sustained attack with power tools.

Small home safes, such as a model your Hollywood locksmith will recommend, also protect your documents from fire. Inexpensive models will protect your paper documents from heat damage, but if you have things like prescription medication and computer devices, you’ll need a safe whose interior temperature will never go above 1250 F.

Small home safes can also be water resistant; while some brands will advertise this feature on the packaging of their home safes, some of them won’t.

If you want a small house safe to protect your documents from fire, water, and burglars, instead of picking up a safe at the hardware store, talk to you local Hollywood locksmith who will know which type of safe will work best for you and the regional conditions.

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