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Locksmith tools for Lockouts

Mobile locksmith Florida do 100+ lockouts every month from automotive to residential & commercial lockouts. Our Locksmiths use different types of tools to do lockout jobs. Each tool has its own specific utility. Below are some tools we use for lockouts


Pick sets are essential for locksmiths because they allow a quick and easy entry to cars. Locks can be decoded while locksmiths pick them. This can help these professionals produce a duplicate key to replace one that is lost. Picks with this function are usually known as two in one picks and decoders. As the name implies, they both pick and decode the lock. Locksmiths can also use individual picks and decoders.


Many car models cannot be easily opened without using professional decoder kits. For example, BMW car locks have seven new series models. The lock codes will not be identified without using the proper decoding tool. Decoder kits allow locksmiths to get the corresponding lock codes so the correct master key can be used.

Laser Track Key Simulators

This tool is the answer to many problems that locksmiths have. Car doors are becoming harder and harder to open as technology progresses. Traditional tools may not work with the latest cars. Laser track key simulators come complete with manipulation variations.

Transponder keys

Transponder keys are ideal for the latest car models. They offer additional safety features using electromagnetic fields. This is sent to a computer that is also found within the car. This coding key feature enhances the car’s safety. Cars need to be opened in a non-destructive way, and only transponder keys can make this happen for many newer models.

Slim Jims

Slim jims are also called slim shims. They usually include a set of steel bars with varied measurements. The bars are usually notched at the bottom. They have a bend or a slope depending on their length. Locksmiths are capable of unlocking the door without the keys by inserting the tool between the car’s glass and weather-stripping. The notch will trigger the control arm that serves as the car’s locking mechanism. There are different types of slim jims available, and the type needed depends on the type of car that locksmiths are working on.

J and L Tools

Support tools are often needed to unlock buttons inside the car’s door. J and L tools are examples of these tools. These are ideal for older cars that do not have electrical locks. Each tool has a different function. The J tool is used to reach the car’s interior by feeding it through the window. The L tool has the same function, but it is capable of working with different kinds of vehicles.