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Secure Information

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In our day to day life, whether at home or in our offices and businesses, we are required to restrict access to certain facilities and documents to protect the confidentiality of information, and also to restrict access to certain areas for purposes of personal safety.

Over the past few years access control systems have become increasingly popular in business environments, but now you can also use the same technology in your home to ensure that not everyone has access to a particular area in your house; such as your home office for example. You can also use an access control system to restrict access to your safe, and even to prevent children from being able to access the pool without you being aware of it.

There are many different levels of access control and the system that you utilize will depend on the size of your operation, the amount of staff in your employ, as well as the layout of your building. In a home environment, implementing an access control system is a lot simpler as there are less people to contend with.

What Are Your Options?

When it comes to restricting access to your secure information, there are several options to choose from. Obviously your choice will be dependent on how big an area you wish to restrict, on how many people you wish to restrict and on how limited you want your restriction to be.

Your options are as follows:

•Electronic Safes

If you only want to restrict access to a safe, yet require multiple people or staff members to access the safe, then an electronic safe would be the best option for you. Electronic safes allow you to program in a number of different access codes and you can give one to each authorized person. This allows you to track who opened the safe and when they did it, giving you improved auditing capabilities.

•Keypad Locks

If you need to restrict access to a specific area or room and only want certain people to enter, then a keypad would be one of the best access control systems that you can use. A keypad lock uses a numbered keypad to give access to only authorized people, after they have entered a secret numeric sequence. On more complex systems you can give each person a different code so that you can monitor when they entered or exited that particular area.

•Retina And Finger Print Scanners

For a more secureaccess control system you can choose to use retina or fingerprint scanners to control access to certain areas. Systems that use passwords or numeric sequences can be shared with others, either voluntarily or under duress, and it is therefore open to compromise. However, retina and fingerprint information cannot be duplicated or shared and this makes it the most secure commercially available system to date.

Access Control Systems can vary from the simple to the extremely complex and installing one in your office or home requires planning and good information. Your local Locksmith in Miami is the best person to consult when it comes to home security; he will be able to give you information on the best way to handle your security requirements, based on both your needs and your budget.

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