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Technical Terms Used in Locksmithing

Locksmithing started to be recognized as the art of creating or defeating locks. The persons who are engaged in this occupation are called locksmiths. These people are the ones who will help you if you have problems about the key of your car. If you have lost the key and you cannot get in or out of it, locksmiths are the persons you need to contact to solve the problem.
Locksmiths use different technical terms. The following are the details about these based on an infographics:

Technical Terms Used By Locksmiths

•Bit – This is a portion of a key that is responsible for the engagement of the lock’s locking mechanism.
•Bolt Stump – It is a rectangle shape portion of the lock that you can find over the talon. It passes over the slot within the levers while the bolt is moving.
•Change key – Usually, a change key is given to a person that requires an access to 1 or more areas inside a building.
•Key code – It is a chain of alphanumeric figures used by locksmiths in making a new piece of key.
•Key blank – This is the type of key which does not have a specific bit.
•Key relevance – It is the measurable variation between the original key and its duplicate.
•Maison key method – Is the keying method that allows unlocking of the lock using a set of unique and individual keys.

There are other terms used by those people engaged in locksmithing. This would be one of the technical words and phrases you need to learn if you want to be a locksmith someday.

Locksmith information

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