How to Get a Car Lock Remote Replacement

Car Lock Remote Replacement

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While remote car lock devices are handy. They make it harder for criminals to break into your car, and they also improve your personal safety; if you’re in a dangerous area and need to get into your vehicle quickly, a car lock remote eliminates the need to fiddle around with a key in a lock. Car lock remotes are great to have!

Unfortunately, while the devices eliminate the need for a key to unlock the car door, they can get lost just as easily as the car keys of yore. So, what do you do when you need to get a car lock remote replacement?

The first thing that a lot of people might do is purchase an aftermarket car lock remote on the internet; while this will indeed work to keep costs down, it might end up being a false economy because there is no guarantee the remote you purchase will work. In many cases, they end up being useless. This is especially true when purchasing a remote for cars manufactured after 2005.

The best way to get the correct manufacturer’s remote is to purchase one from the same-make dealership; as mentioned above, cars made after 2005 require a remote specifically set up by the dealership. However, there are models that can be set up to match a vehicle by almost anybody, such as a Florida locksmith.

If you are in Florida and cannot get to a dealership to replace your car lock remote, call a local Florida locksmith who will probably be able to help you out for a fee. If he or she cannot replace your remote and you’re in an emergency situation, he or she will be able to help you get into your car so you can drive away.

If you cannot locate a locksmith, locate your car manual to find the information you need to order a new remote. If you can’t get into your car, look for an online version of the manual.

Remember that when you order a replacement remote, you’ll need to provide your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model, and year no matter where you go to get it replaced.

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