Graphic and video information on How to Buy a Used Car

How to Buy a Used Car in miami fl

Infographics on Reasons for Buying Certified, Efficient and Reliable User Cars

Companies nowadays use infographics to make sure that they can provide everything that should reach their customers and other potential customers as well. Like what Dandlock is doing with the infographics that they are doing. They make sure that they are using the right pictures and data to fully understand the topics that they are showing just like what they have shown with the reasons of buying cars that are certified used.

With the infographics that they have used for the reasons, they clearly used the number of the percentage that is considered by most people. They have used the corresponding percentages for different reason like 71% for people who gave piece of mind as their reason. 29% have given the reason that they can have a better warranty with buying used cars and 58% of the whole respondents gave the reason that they just could not afford buying a new one. With the clear figures that they have used, readers and visitors will know if they also have the same reason like other people have.

Another infographics that they have used is to explain how efficient are the cars that range from $4, 000 to $6,000 when it comes to the use of fuel. The company have use a bar graph to show the differences of the prices and the top brands of used cars that many people are choosing to buy. The tops cars that they have included are Buick Lasabre, Chevy Cavalier, Chevy Metro, Dodge Neon, Ford Probe and Honda Civic. With these top popular cars, people who are looking for fuel efficient used cars will know the ones that they can choose from.

Aside from the infographics that they have used with fuel efficient cars, they have also included those tops used cars that are truly reliable. They have used an easy to understand figure for knowing the car that grabs the top spot of reliability and corresponding numbers as well. The number 7 car that they have rated as reliable is the Mazda MX-5 MIATA, 6th spot is for LICOLN MKZ, 5th goes to LEXUS RX 350, 4th LEXUS ES 350, and the top three goes to HONDA CR-V, FORD FUSION and ACURA TL having the top spot for being a reliable car that most people are using. With the infographics used, they make sure that they incorporate everything that they want customers to know and allow them to understand everything that they show through figures with their infographics.

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