Florida Locksmith Tools

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  • Digital Keypad Lock
  • Door Panel Removal Tool
  • Flexible Flashlight
  • Light HPC-FAL
  • Security Door Lock Cylinders
  • Standard Residential Door Knobs
  • The Fishing Pole
  • Window Crank Tool
It’s important to have the right tool for every job. The window crank tool is the perfect tool when your aim is to extract a manual window more »
If you’re unlocking a car at night or working on it in a dark garage, a flashlight with a rigid extension can make your life much easier. more »
To dislodge car door panel retaining pins, a door panel removal tool will make your life easier. This well-designed tool fits right into the back of the more »
Adding a digital keypad door lock to the door limits access to certain rooms in a business, such as an office or restricted files room. Employees must more »
“The fishing pole” tool is used to open a locked car door by pulling on the door handle from the interior of the car or by hooking more »
Doors with security door lock cylinders will reduce break-ins and are perfect for bad areas. The cylinders prevent drilling, bumping and picking of the lock. If you more »
 Keyed entry door hardware keeps intruders outside of your home or business. Only people with a designated key can unlock the door from the outside to enter. more »
An LED flashlight with a flexible extension can prevent you from performing a task one-handedly because the other hand is holding a flashlight. The light holds itself more »
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